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Audiovisuals and multimedia music composer.


Music composition for audiovisuals and interactive media requires multidisciplinary skills and a conception of composition that must go beyond academic constraints.

First, a sound knowledge of classical orchestration techniques is a fundamental skill. We are often asked to work with synthesized  sounds, these however still require a good understanding of melody, harmony and  orchestration to achieve great results. Music as a whole can be created only through mastery of both classical and modern orchestras, both large format and small format.

Secondly; a good knowledge of the product for which the music is being created is essential. Such knowledge is gained through:

  • Good knowledge of audiovisual language. Music composed has an specific function in the global message and within the particular chapters. Hence, it is fundamental to understand the whole product to be able to produce what it is needed musically for each moment.
  • Good knowledge of the technical tools. Each product is defined by specific characteristics. Some might constrain options, some might give a wider range of creativity. Such specifics are strongly linked to the interactivity with the final user, as well as with the channel through which this product will be distributed.

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