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Lectures and Courses about Sound and Music in audiovisuals and interactive media

Briefs of lectures given by request to different collectives of professionals in the field (musicians, sound engineers, image engineers, etc). These are based on my experience as a music composer for audiovisuals and interactive media.
Currently these papers are only available in Catalan language. If you are interested in receiving them, please write me an email and I will add you to a mailing list when translations become available.

  • Hearing the image. A public conference. An audiovisual lecture to understand better the relationship between sound an image using clips of well known movies.
  • Sound, the hidden aly. For professionals and students of sound and image. How sound constrains the perception of our work. Keys to use it as a dramatic resource.
  • We compose for the image. For students and professionals of music careers interested in audiovisual composition. Work process, tools and characteristics of the composition.
  • The musician’s computer. For teachers and music creators. Clarification of basic concepts of music and computers. Analysis of needs and tools to fulfill them.
  • Music for interactive media: from CD-ROM to Apps. For students and professionals of interactive media.
  • Music and interactivity. For those interested in composition for interactive media and videogames.
  • Let’s record a master! The truths and myths around recordings. For any musician interested in self-recording or recording their own compositions.

Lectures and courses are open to customization depending on the needs of the institution or group using the resource. Please write to me for further information