Audiovisuals and multimedia music composer.


Sound engineering

Sound engineer and producer of recordings of ancient, classical and contemporary music.



Lectures and Courses about Sound and Music in audiovisuals and interactive media.


The fundamental human rights are not respected in Spain. Nowadays our Catalan governments are in jail. His crime: apply the democracy asking people in a referendum about Catalan country future. The repression over all the Catalan citizens who has been asking for Independence peacefully is massive and ...

Amiga que véns del mar (Lied)

This poem title could be translated as "My love, who comes from the sea". Of course is a love song. The poem was written in 1966 by Salvador Perarnau, a Catalan poet from Súria, my mother's and grands birth village. I wish you enjoy ...

Treasure Island

Published by Barcelona Multimèdia. CD-ROM i DVD. New original music performance using new East West Hollywood and Symphobia libraryes and Onmisphere synth. Listen to the main title. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJvSCmPw8Nw&feature=youtu.be And few project screen ...

The Adventures of Naomi and the Pilot

What are The Adventures of Naomi and the Pilot? An exciting and fun cartoon adventure: The Adventures of Naomi and the Pilot is a collection of apps. In each app, the adventure is presented by an animated film created especially for the app. 24 games seamlessly integrated into the adventure: ...

Epic and Orchestral Music. Mainly strings section.

 “Children’s Bible Games”  App music, from Barcelona Multimèdia.  More info in the following posts: Children’s Bible Games Música ...

The adventures of Naomi and the Pilot. Surviving in the Andes

Will Naomi and Boris the pilot survive their accident in the mountains of the Andes? In this new app  the music evocate the landscapes and culture  od the Andes. I encorage you to enjoy the adventure by cliking the logo. or listen to  a music ...

Auca Digital. Hulot the Robot

Find out what Ed learns about the friendship on this gripping story at the same time children improve their reading skills! Download on the App Store! With time, we can sometimes forget about the things that, at some point during our childhood, have helped us to grow. Will Ed be able to regain his ...